Glazed units for Sørenga residential complex

Sørenga is a residential complex located in the harbour area of Oslo and is one of the places that gives the capital city of Norway a new and unique character. Most of the buildings in the new residential district use glazed  units manufactured at our plants. Glazings were installed by the Norwegian company Lian.

The area, which is currently built-up by residential buildings, for many years was used for the harbour operation purposes. The region lost its significance following social and economic changes. At the beginning of this century the authorities of Oslo decided to carry out its thorough upgrading. Sørenga residential complex is among completely new zones developed in the post-industrial part of the city.

The designs of individual structures were developed by different design studios. Consequently, each of the structures presents a different approach and vision. Their common feature is environmental friendliness. The investment focuses on using environmentally friendly materials and introduction of greenery. As a result, plants can be found not only between the buildings but also on the sloped roof of one of the structures.

It should be highlighted that the whole complex was built as a part of a larger Bjørvika project, covering an impressive opera house. All elements of the project are supposed to be completed by 2035 and the target number of permanent residents in the district is expected to amount to 5,000 people.

You can see more photos of the Sørenga complex here or in our Pinterest profile.