CEKAL certificate for the facility in Croatia

CEKAL has issued a document to confirm the quality of panes coming from the facility in Varaždin (Croatia) and their compliance with the applicable French standards. This is another certificate supporting the competitive advantages of the buyers of our glazed units.

We have been producing glass in the facility in Croatia for a few months now. The compliance of the glass produced there with European standards (EN 1279-5 and EN 12150-2) has been confirmed by the German Window Technique Institute (ift Rosenheim) which issued appropriate certificates for insulating glass units and float toughened glass. As a result, such glass may be marked with CE.

Also the CEKAL institute from Paris has completed the test and certification process of the glazed units manufactured in Croatia. This means that the glass may be used in France – all panes that we produce in compliance with the requirements of the institute are marked with the special “CEKAL 789” sign on the space bar. So far, a similar certificate was held by the PRESS GLASS facility in Radomsko which is the largest glass processing centre in Europe.

The certification processes held for the facility in Varaždin fit perfectly our quality control policy and the policy to support buyers. Additionally, it is worth noting that with such certificates our business partners become more competitive and gain easier access to various markets.

CEKAL Croatia