An announcement on the planned division of Press Glass SA

Dear Sir/Madame,
We would like to remind that on 1st December 2021, Press Glass SA will be divided by transferring a part of the company’s enterprise to a newly established company Press Glass Sp. z o.o. The newly established company will take over production assets of Polish plants in Radomsko, Tychy, Tczew and Miętno and its activities will be focused on glass processing for the construction industry.

Press Glass Sp. z o.o. will, upon registration in the Register of Entrepreneurs (KRS), assume all existing rights and obligations of Press Glass SA.

These changes will not affect the current activities of the Press Glass group. All agreements concluded with our customers and suppliers remain in force, in accordance with the applicable law.

A new VAT number for Press Glass Sp. z o.o. will be provided immediately after the company’s registration in the Register of Entrepreneurs (KRS).

We have already informed you about planned organisational changes in Press Glass Group here (Link). The purpose of reorganization is the foundation of a holding company Press Glass Holding SA, managing all the Press Glass companies located in Poland, UK, Croatia, USA and Lithuania, which will formally be the hitherto Press Glass SA company with its seat in Konopiska (Poland).

Please find attached an official letter drafted for this purpose.