Support for patients thanks to Ronald McDonald’s House

Ronald McDonald’s House has been operating in Krakow-Prokocim (Poland) for over a year now. It is a free hotel for parents of ill children – patients of the nearby University Children’s Hospital. By supporting the activity of the foundation responsible for the initiative, we supplied over 100 high-quality panes that were used in the construction of that socially significant facility.

Currently there are around 300 buildings of this kind worldwide and the hotel in Krakow-Prokocim commissioned in October 2015 is the first such place in Poland.

The Ronald McDonald’s House, which is located very close to the hospital, offers 20 spacious and modern rooms with bathrooms as well as a kitchen, a large dining room and a lounge for parents of young patients.

Parents can be as close as possible to the child in need of support. Close contact of hospitalized children with their parents has a huge impact on the faster recovery and, therefore, a shorter stay in a hospital”, explains the Ronald McDonald Foundation.

The hotel occupying 1400 m² was designed to be as comfortable as possible for its guests. Among other things, numerous glazed areas guarantee the appropriately good access of sunlight to individual rooms.

To support the construction, we manufactured and delivered more than 100 high-quality panes amounting to 300 m2. They included: triple glazed units with selective thermal insulation and solar control properties 70/35, protection class P2A and safety class 1B1 (for external windows); – toughened float (for internal partitions); – fire-resistant glass with class EI30 designed for interiors (for internal partitions).

The detailed information about the activity of the Ronald McDonald Foundation and possibilities to support it can be found under the following address:

More photographs of the Ronald McDonald House are available here and in the Pinterest social service.