Polish-Croatian opening of the season 2017 within the action “Run and support”

On 22 April 2017, at the 9th Częstochowa Run we officially opened this year’s season of starts within the “PRESS GLASS action- Run and support”. The run will make history of group starts due to the fact that apart from employees from facilities in Poland, also employees from our Croatian facility in Varaždin participated in the event.

Since the objective of the PRESS GLASS campaign is to develop social awareness and to support those in need and thus to encourage our employees to participate in sports activities, we decided to join the PRESS GLASS Polska team. This way we wanted to support them and help in providing a larger amount of money for charity purposes”, said after the race Zrinka Cić, coordinator of the “Run and support” action in Croatia.

Over 1000 persons participated in the 9th Częstochowa Run on the distance of 10 km. The colours of the “Run and support”” were represented overall by 64 employees of PRESS GLASS, including 10 persons from the facility in Croatia. The best result was generated by our Croatian colleague, Darko Mavrićek, who finished the run as 61. in overall classification.  Among ladies, the highest position (501.) was won by Justyna Barczyk-Strama from the facility in Nowa Wieś.

“I thank all our employees who within the “Run and support” action took part in the 9th Częstochowa Run. We are very proud that the run organisers also noted our presence in the event and gave us a commemorating diploma for the most numerous team in the 9th Częstochowa Run”, said Gerard Plaze, one of the originators of the “Run and support” action.

Our Croatian colleagues did not hide their satisfaction with the special distinction.

“We are happy that we have combined our efforts and started in the run jointly to represent the “Run and support” action. As the most numerous Polish-Croatian team we could even more underline the objective of our campaign for those in need”, added Zrinka Cić.

For each person in the team who reached the finish line we donate the amount of PLN 80 for charity purposes. Like in previous years, we also support charity with additional cash bonus for the results generated by our runners. In summary, the Polish-Croatian PRESS GLASS team managed to “run” the amount of PLN 6507.

In accordance with the decision of the participants, we will donate the funds to patients of the following institutions:

– Częstochowa – Mozaika Foundation;

– Radomsko – Koniczynka Association;

– Tczew – Special Institution Complex in Tczew;

– Tychy – Day care center and hospice for children ”Świetlikowo”.

A full photo report of the action (over 80 photos) is available in our Pinterest channel.



Run and support