Run and support even more often

Start of the action Run and support

n the first half of April we will start a new action named “Run and support” at a run in Częstochowa (Poland). There will be 74 persons to represent PRESS GLASS.

The core underlying elements of the action is to propagate sports activity and to start in runs. We will also provide financial support to selected charity initiatives.

“The idea for such action was prompted by our employees. This is an interesting form to promote an active lifestyle as well as support to charity purposes”, clarifies Gerard Plaze, a co-organiser of the action.

The amount which we will contribute to charity purposes will depend on the number of participating people – involved employees of the company, and on the results which is to provide additional motivation to runners. The financial support will be provided to charity initiatives selected by the participants.

The first start in the action will be in the 7th Częstochowa Run (distance of 10 km) to be held on 11 April 2015. Overall there will be 74 persons who will start the run in the PRESS GLASS team. Our company’s representation is the largest organised team in the run.

For each person who will finish the 7th Częstochowa Run we will contribute minimum PLN 50 for selected purposes. Additionally, per each full minute of the run below the maximum duration of the contest (80 minutes) – the support amount will be increased by a multiple of PLN 1 per each participant.

“We expect that at the beginning of the action we will spend about PLN 5 thousand and that will be just a beginning of our initiative. We welcome fans to support the runners and the action!”, adds Gerard Plaze.

More information can be found on Facebook.

Run and support