CQC opens the door to the Chinese market

The group of certificates awarded to our products has been joined by the China Quality Certification (CQC). This approval gives a guarantee that the PRESS GLASS business partners will be able to enter the Chinese market.

The system of China Compulsory Product Certification awarded by the China Quality Certification Centre was introduced in China in 2003. It is assumed that the certificates guarantee certain products meet the safety and quality standards binding in this country. This certification is mandatory e.g. for products of the “Glass For Construction Industry” segment.

Products with a valid CQC certificate can be legally exported to China, as well as sold and used throughout this country.

The certificate confirms that the glass units manufactured by PRESS GLASS meet the standards binding on the Chinese market. The certificate covers glazed units, tempered glass and laminated glass.

CQC is available (in PDF format) directly from www.pressglass.eu.