Run and support – another step in the action is behind us

Last Sunday (28 June) another step in our action “Run and support” was held. In Radomsko (Poland) where the Third Street Race (Marian Szymanski Memorial) was held a 13-strong representation of PRESS GLASS participated. For each participant we will transfer a specified amount to support a selected charity purpose.

The distance of 10 km was covered by all team members. In accordance with the rules in the action, we will transfer a multiple of PLN 50 proportional to the number of participants for a charity purpose selected by the participants”, says Gerard Plaze, a co-organiser of the action.

This year’s edition of the run was attended by 139 persons and the PRESS GLASS team was the most numerous organised team. Among the runners representing the company, there were people working in two plants located in Poland.

Among the representatives of PRESS GLASS, Piotr Gryglewski was the fastest who finished in 11th position. Among the ladies, Justyna Barczyk-Strama was classified highest.

The race in Radomsko was the second start within the action – “Run and support“. We initiated the charity initiative in Czestochowa (Poland) where in April the 7th Czestochowa Race was attended by 74 representatives of PRESS GLASS.

Run and support