Run and support even more often

The next run is in November

At the beginning of November, the PRESS GLASS team will participate for the first time in the run organised in Tczew (Poland). Under the action “Run and support” we will provide an amount of money to support a selected charity action – the amount will be proportional to the number of employees who will end the 25th Sambor Street Run.


This year’s run in Tczew will be held on 7 November 2015. The runners will have to cover the distance of 10 km. The 25th Sambor Street Run is organised by the Tczew Sports and Recreation Centre and they expect as many as 500 runners – this is the upper limit of the number of participants.

“Within the action we try to promote a healthy lifestyle and also support a good cause. For each employee who will finish the run in Tczew the company will provide a specified amount of money to support a charity action. This is an additional incentive for the runners. We expect that the number of participants in the action in Tczew will be proved to be larger than in the runs in Radomsko and in Tychy and that it will exceed 30 persons. This is mainly due to a growing group of regularly running employees of our factories in Tychy and Radomsko and the office in Nowa Wies”, says Gerard Plaze, a co-organiser of the action.

The participants in the action have decided that the funds they will “run” will be used to support the operations of a Complex of Special Institutions in Tczew, helping mentally handicapped children and teenagers.

We opened the action “Run and support” in April 2015 – 74 representatives of our company participated in the 7th run in Czestochowa. Afterwards, the PRESS GLASS team also participated in the runs in Radomsko and Tychy (Poland).

More information on the 25th Sambor Street Run, including details of enrolment, can be found here.

Run and support