Panes for the Pharma Science Center in Copenhagen

The students of the University of Copenhagen have already been using the modern building which houses pharmaceutical laboratories for a few months. Panes with digital print made by us were used to build the Pharma Science Center located in the Danish capital.

The project started in November 2013. Danish architectural firm CF Møller developed the design: in that case, they drew on sculpture and, as a result, the building creates the impression of a compact and homogeneous structure.

It was essential for the design authors to properly illuminate the interiors, which was supposed to create more favourable conditions for learning and scientific research. To ensure the optimum daylight, they decided to use high-quality glass from our plants. They used the glass to glaze the exterior of the building: they included rhomboid-shaped panes made with the digital print technology. It is thanks to the proper glazing that the center is now one of the energy-efficient buildings.

The construction of the Pharma Science Center was formally complete in March 2016.

You can view more photos of the building on our Pinterest profile.

Pharma Science Center