Bird Friendly Glass in the Press Glass portfolio

Bird collisions with large glazing are a serious ecological challenge. It is estimated that billions of birds die each year as a result of hitting glass. To improve bird safety in the urban glass jungle, products known as Bird Friendly Glass have been developed. A wide range of products from the “Bird Friendly Glass” category is also offered by Press Glass.

In response to the increasing urbanisation with the use of large façade glazing, regulations are being introduced requiring the use of “bird friendly” glass in new designs of commercial buildings. The purpose of these regulations is to protect bird populations in urban environments by reducing the number of fatal bird collisions with glass elements of buildings.

Bird Friendly Glass is glass with special visual features (print, patterned coating, reflective elements) that are recognisable by birds,  and at the same time blend in with the architectural elements without disturbing the aesthetics values.

The main offer of Press Glass includes four dedicated solutions supporting the protection of birds against collisions: bird frit (digitally printed glass), Ornilux® Mikado (special coating), SaflexTM FlySafeTM 3D (film with reflective elements) and AviSafeTM (special coating). Products in such category perfectly complement the current offer of glass for sustainable construction. Thanks to the wide range of Bird Friendly products, we can achieve a crucial result in the bird protection.

The use of “Bird Friendly” glass in façade glazing and barriers ensures perfect balance between a friendly and safe space for bird populations and an access to daylight.


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