Panes configurators – the new update facilitates selection of glazing

Panes configurators – the new update facilitates selection of glazing

The panes configurators, which are available on our website and in the PRESS GLASS MOBILE application have been updated and improved. The tools facilitate a quick and easy comparison and analysis of data concerning different kinds of PRESS GLASS panes, including acoustic glass units and solar control glass.

We have completed the tools facilitating selection and configuration of the panes with valid data concerning the solar control glass. The configurators in the current version are fully functional and offer a comprehensive range of the essential data about the panes produced in PRESS GLASS plants.

At present there are three configurators available to perform a comparative analysis of acoustic glass units, solar control glass and screen printing.

A user can for instance compare about 250 types of solar control glass for specific parameters. As for acoustic glass units, one can select products taking into account not only the weighed insulation indexes and correction factors but also data concerning e.g. weight, safety class or thickness of panes in a package, which are important data from the practical point of view.

Among the extra tools there is also a browser of CE properties declarations, where you just have to give the number of the produced order and provide some basic information.

The configurators and other tools can be used via our website or a free PRESS GLASS MOBILE application, which is dedicated for mobile devices (iOS and Android operating systems).

Acoustic glass units configurator

Solar control glass configurator

Screen printing configurator

Browser for property declarations