Sport and Support: 6th Run in Nowogard for children of the „Serduszko“ Association

On October 6, 2019, the PRESS GLASS team in the „Sport and Support“ campaign took part in two runs in Nowogard (Poland). The raised amount of nearly PLN 1,800 was donated to the „Serduszko“ Association for Disabled Children (Stowarzyszenia dla Dzieci Niepełnosprawnych) from Nowogard.

As a part of sports competition, several smaller running competitions at various distances for both children and the elderly were prepared. The PRESS GLASS team comprising 24 members took part in the competition at two distances: 5 and 10 km. One of the employees, Gerard Plaze, ran in both runs.


„We have taken part in the run in Nowogard for the second time this year. We are glad that the weather was good, we were in a good shape and many new competitors performed well in the „Sport and Support“ campaign. It is a great satisfaction that our sports and charity event attracts a growing number of employees who want to help people through their sport passion. We donate the raised money to the „Serduszko“ Association – a local institution that supports the comprehensive development of children with disabilities,“ says Kamil Derlaga, one of the participants of the campaign.


It is also worth to mention the individual sports successes of the „Sport and Support“ team. In the 10 km run:

– Patryk Sowiński took first place in the open class and first place in category M20

– Kamil Derlaga took 7th place in the open class and 4th place in category M20.

– Mateusz Nowakowski took 14th place in the open class and 5th place in category M20.


Congratulations to all employees on successful participation in the 6th Run in Nowogard.

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