Innovative LVIVO Business Centre on the Neris bank in Vilnius

The modern LVIVO business centre has become one of the most innovative facilities among its kind in Lithuania. LVIVO Verslo Centras fits perfectly into the landscape of the dynamically developing right bank of the Neris River, near the main avenue of Vilnius – Konstitucijos Prospektas. Press Glass supplied a total of over 14,000 m² of highly processed insulated glass and single tempered glass for the „double skin“ system.

The LVIVO project focuses on sustainable development, quality and comfort of building users. „Cloud Architects“ are responsible for the architectural design. The atrium, which runs through all floors up to the roof, gives the building a sense of space and modernity. The building’s façade reflecting the surroundings just like a mirror, emanates with its bold solutions and exclusivity. This effect was achieved thanks to the use of insulated glass with high reflectivity: Sunguard HP Silver 43/31 and Sunguard HP Silver 35/26. The insulating glass, combined with Sunguard HP Diamond 66 laminated single glass in a „double skin“ construction, is characterised by a high level of solar reflection. The glass used is a barrier to solar radiation, which translates into savings in energy used for air conditioning.

Innovative technical solutions guarantee minimal CO2 emissions. The LVIVO building with energy class A+, offering an area of 23,000 m², has met BREEAM New Construction standards, achieving a BREEAM Excellent rating.

The building is the result of many years of cooperation between Press Glass and KG Constructions Group. Press Glass supplied a total of over 14,000 m² of glass to the project, and „KG Constructions Group“ was responsible for the design, production, transport and assembly of 936 façade units with a total area of approximately 8,400 m². Most of them were installed in less than 70 business days. In addition, over 1,200 m² of curtain facades were installed between the two main parts of the building and the roof with a skylight. The largest elements measure 4.3 by 2.7 meters and weigh approximately 900 kilograms.

? Photography: Norbert Tukaj
📐 Design: Cloud Architects
Developer: Lords LB Asset Management
🏗️ Contractor: KG Constructions Group