Cycling campaign in Tczew for Amelka as part of a new “Sport and support” initiative

On September 16, 2017 workers of PRESS GLASS and their families participated in a cycling rally as part of company’s initiative called „Sport and support”, which was inaugurated during 11th Urban Cycling Rally in Tczew. Money raised during the rally, which began the initiative, will be donated for Amelka who suffers from cerebral palsy.

Several hundred enthusiasts of two wheels took part in the cycling rally in Tczew at the distance of 10 kilometres. In total, 54 people in PRESS GLASS “Sport and support” T-shirts participated in the competition. During the initiative, we managed to raise 2,7 thousand zlotys. The funds will be donated for treatment and rehabilitation of Amelka – who is under the care of “Zdążyć z pomocą” Foundation.

The participation of PRESS GLASS workers and their families in the event organised in Tczew is the first company’s group cycling initiative of that type. The conception remained unchanged. We still want to help and we do help. Because of our workers’ high interest in running campaign we decided to expand our campaign and add some more sport disciplines. Cycling rally in Tczew officially inaugurated “Sport and support” initiative. Now, every one of us has a chance to prove themselves in competition/tournament in their favourite discipline and helping people in need has gained a new, broader dimension” – said Miłosława Furmanek, co-organiser of the rally of PRESS GLASS workers.

Sport charity initiative called “Sport and support” is dedicated mainly to our workers, however sport events chosen by the organiser can be joined by the members of their families. Apart from running, the workers have a chance to prove themselves also in other disciplines (for example Nordic walking or cycling). The company may extend the scope of campaign’s sport disciplines, if the workers declare their willingness to participate in other competitions within the initiative. The amounts donated by PRESS GLASS for charitable purposes will be determined for every new sport discipline individually. The definitive donation value will be calculated as the sum of many factors, for example attendance, results, number of matches played, finished stages or kilometres covered. Participants will be able to co-decide which non-profit organisation shall get the funds raised during “Sport and support” initiative.

Sport and support