Revitalisation of 25 Charterhouse SQ in London

The 25 Charterhouse Square office building located in the historic part of London has been thoroughly revitalised recently. External glass facades were also refreshed within the completed works. The total of 1.6 thousand m2 of our laminated and tempered facade glazed units was used for the renovation.

25 Charterhouse SQ is located in the historic area of Smithfield in London – between The Charterhouse and the Smithfield Market Fair. Buckley Gray Yeoman architects designed the building revitalisation project. The renovation involved refreshing the facade and reorganising the arrangement of rooms inside the building. A thorough reconstruction was aimed to separate large open space offices. The previous functional space was additionally extended with a partly covered space on the roof of the building, with a terrace added around.
One should note that the original shape of the facade has been maintained in the design so the facade of 25 Charterhouse Square forms an architectural whole with the surrounding buildings, even after its revitalisation.

As a result of the completed repairs and renovation works, the building interior was reorganised into an open space and the building gained an extra floor. Nowadays, the 25 Charterhouse SQ building offers over 4 thousand m2 of floor space intended for offices and retail.

The official opening of the renovated building was on March 2017.

You can see more photos of the building here or in our Pinterest profile.

Photos in association with Marshall Brown Windows Ltd.

25 Charterhouse Square - London