Top-Glas Ultra 4-16Ar-4T with attested Rw coefficient

In order for our clients to obtain better window soundproof quality by using the method listed in PN-EN 14351-1 „Windows and external doors without fire safety and smoke tightness features”, Press-Glas has conducted soundproof tests on the most frequently used double glazed Top-Glas Ultra (4-16Ar-4T). Based on the test results clients using the Top-Glas Ultra pane may apply the value of Rw=31 dB(A) and the corrective indicator C=-2 and Ctr=-5.

The test results have been confirmed by the IFT Rosenheim certificate honoured throughout Europe:
Sound Insulation Test Sheet for Top-Glas Ultra pane

Client’s Benefits

he Rw result obtained exceeds the normative value set in PN-EN 12354-2:2002 by 2dB. The normative vaule may be used to calculate results without conducting tests by a particular manufacturer. This allows our clients to obtain better sound characteristics for their products using only the calculative method instead of having to conduct research.

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