Solar control glass Sunstop T

Solar control glass Sunstop T

The new SILVERSTAR SUNSTOP T range of products has four different types of shading glass that are creating
new degrees of planning freedom for summer heat insulation. The T stands for temperable. That means that these types of glass are printed and tempered as required. A maximum of high-energy properties from a second THERMOFLOAT heat-insulating layer creates greater comfort in the inside of the room.

The main focus of applications is large-surface glass facades and exterior shading glass with double-skin facades and transparent glass roofs. This is where it is especially advisable to use tempered glass. Tempering only changes the colour of SILVERSTAR SUNSTOP T slightly, meaning you can use them as floating, ESG and TVG glass in the same facade.

SILVERSTAR SUNSTOP T Neutral 50 is highly colour-neutral and has low outward light reflection, making it just right for heat-insulating glass and uncoated floating glass.

SILVERSTAR SUNSTOP T Blue 50 is bluish and very colour-neutral.

SILVERSTAR SUNSTOP T Blue 30 has slightly bluish light reflection to set
the pace in brilliant and elegant colours.

SILVERSTAR SUNSTOP T Silver 20 is the most highly expressive of our
range of products with its exciting brilliant colour reflection.

All four layer designs will dazzle you with their extremely neutral undertone.

Type of
glass with
of coating *
Heat transfer
Ug [W/m2K]


LT LR ET EA ER g air argon
T Neutral 50
6-16-4 2 + 3 45 14 31 54 15 38 1,4 1,1
T Blue 50
6-16-4 2 + 3 43 21 29 52 19 36 1,4 1,1
T Blue 30
6-16-4 2 + 3 27 29 18 58 24 23 1,4 1,1
T Silver 20
6-16-4 2 + 3 18 28 12 64 24 17 1,4 1,1

This data is based on EN 410, EN 673 requirements.
* It is required to assemble Sunstop glass with a layer of metal oxides toward the inside of a glass unit (position #2), otherwise (position #1) it causes degradation of the layer under weather conditions and air pollution.

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