Run and support even more often

Run and support – another start in September

The 20th International Street Run to be held in Tychy (Poland) is yet another stage in our action called “Run and support”.  In the second half of September, the team of PRESS GLASS will run on a distance of 10 km and then we will support financially a charity initiative selected by the participants.

“This time we will run in Tychy which is a city where a PRESS GLASS plant is located. I hope that minimum as many persons will take place in the run as on the previous occasions in the action. In accordance with the underlying idea, the objective is to promote a healthy lifestyle and to support charity goals; the scale of financial support is directly subject to the number of company employees who participate in the run”, says Gerard Plaze, a co-organiser of the action.

The street run on the distance of 10 km will be held on the last but one Sunday of the next month (on 20 September 2015). At the same time there will be the 4th Half-Marathon Run in Tychy covering 21 km.The PRESS GLASS is to participate in the shorter run but those who are interested in a major challenge may start in the half-marathon. Their run will also be counted as participation in the action and financial support will be proportionally higher.

“The objective of the event is to popularise running as a form of active recreation and promotion of Tychy as a good place to practice sports. The run is included in the Grand Prix cycle of the Silesian Union of Municipalities and Districts in Mass Runs” – this is what can be found on the web site of the organiser of the run.

As clarified by the organiser of the event – the Society for Promotion of Athletics – the route of the run is on asphalt and is somewhat “undulating”.  The start and the finish are located in ul. Piłsudskiego (by the Sports Arena). In previous years the attendance in the runs in Tychy was about 1000 people.

We started the action “Run and support” in April 2015 – with the 7th Run in Częstochowa (Poland) with a total number of 74 representatives of PRESS GLASS. Our company team was the largest organised group in the run. The next run we participated was the 3rd Radomsko Street Run (Poland) held at the end of June.

More information on the September runs in Tychy can be found here.

Run and support