Run and support – this year’s run in Radomsko is behind us

Last Sunday (26 June) in Radomsko (Poland) the Fourth Radomsko Street Run (Marian Szymański Memorial) was held. The distance of 10 km was covered by, among others, 19 representatives of PRESS GLASS who decided to support the activity of the local association “Koniczynka” with their run.

Overall 140 persons participated in the run and the top position (21st) among the runners of PRESS GLASS was reached by Dominik Bolingier.

”The high temperature did not make the running any easier. All runners in PRESS GLASS’s T-shirts reached the finish line. Despite the hot weather, the number of participants was higher than a year before. This shows that not only a certain regular group has been participating in our action but also that more and more employees join in”, says Gerard Plaze, a co-organiser of the action.

The PRESS GLASS team “ran” overall PLN 950. As a result of the “Run and support” action the funds were transferred to the account of the “Koniczynka” association, operating to support handicapped children from Radomsko and the neighbourhood.

Run and support