New solutions for acoustic comfort

General awareness of noise hazards is low. However, excessive noise exposure causes severe health effects. Nowadays, when people spend most of their time indoors, it is worth considering noise protection using acoustic glazed units in civil engineering.

The perception of noise indoors is subject to the following rule – if the noise level in a room is reduced by 10 dB against the noise outdoors, it seems to be reduced by a half. When choosing the right sound insulation, one shall always identify the source and level of noise so that a glass set with relevant sound attenuating parameters could be selected.

PRESS GLASS constantly develops its range of acoustic glazed units. Our portfolio has gained another 6 glazed units with certificates confirming the values of Rw coefficients at 41-51 dB. The list of new panes is presented below.

No. Structure [mm] Rw [dB] C [dB] Ctr [dB]
1 8,8 (VSG 44.2) Acoustic/16/6,8T (VSG 33.2T) 41 -2 -6
2 8/16/6/16/10,8 (VSG 55.2) 43 -2 -5
3 8/16/6/16/10,8 (VSG 55.2) Acoustic 45 -2 -5
4 10/16/6/16/10,8 (VSG 55.2) Acoustic 47 -2 -5
5 12,8T (VSG 66.2T)/16/4/18/23T P7B 49 -2 -4
6 13,5T (VSG 66.4T) Acoustic/14/8/12/13,5T (VSG 66.4T) Acoustic 51 -1 -4

T –  Thermofloat (glass with thermal protection coating)
Ar – Argon – noble gas
VSG – Laminated safety glass
P7B – class of layered laminated anti-burglary glass according to EN 356

Our current offer covers 120 types of acoustic glazed units with Rw value of 31 dB – 52 dB. Detailed data concerning different types of acoustic glazed units can be checked in the glazed units configurator available on our website and in the PRESS GLASS MOBILE application available for iOS and Android devices.

Acoustic glazed units configurator