New acoustic glazed unit

New acoustic glazed unit

We have expanded our offer of acoustic glazed units. The catalogue of PRESS GLASS glazed units has been expanded with 11,5 (VSG 55.4)/20/13,5 (VSG 66.4) Argon acoustic glazed unit – its weighted acoustic resistance (Rw) is 47 decibel (dB).

Corrective coefficients C and Ctr are -1 and -4 dB respectively. The acoustic properties have been already confirmed with appropriate tests – like other glazed units, this one is also properly certified for acoustic resistance.

The new pane is the first in our offer which has the weighted acoustic resistance of 47 dB. For the other glazed units, Rw is from 46 to 60 dB, or even more.

Currently we offer as many as 77 various types of acoustic glazed units. For the last year only, we have expanded the offer in this segment with more than 20 new items.

An acoustic configurator can facilitate the selection of suitable glazed units – it is available on our website and in the PRESS GLASS MOBILE app (iOS and Android).

Acoustic configurator