Fully equipped plant in Radomsko

Fully equipped plant in Radomsko

According to the investment plan for years 2009-2013 in March we closed the last phase of outfitting of the plant in the Special Economy Zone in Radomsko, expanded in 2012. That plant is currently the largest European plant processing the glass or construction purposes, with overall area of 30,000 m2.

The project was a major step towards organisational changes announced five years ago. Their purpose is to further improve customer support by continuous expansion of offer, increase in production capacity and reduction in order completion time.

As of present the plant is working efficiently, providing glass for manufacturers of windows and doors, solar collectors, photovoltaic panels, interior glazing and greenhouse farms, fully ensuring stability of operation and reliability of timely deliveries at the height of production capacity.

Plant equipment includes the following:

  • laminating lines with integrated grinders for arrising glass edges, with double press and automatic stores;
  • tunnel furnace for hardening of glass, working with quick-action automatic glass cutting line;
  • grinding lines and processing centres;
  • convection ovens for hardening of glass;
  • laminated glass production line;
  • multibay stores of base glass, integrated with automatic cutting lines.