Bent glass back to our range

In response to individual needs of our customers, we have introduced bent tempered glass in the range of our products. This product is mainly intended for manufacturers of window frames, façade windows and interior glazing.

Bent glass is an aesthetic element of building constructions, e.g. glass façades. Façade glazing based on bent glass harmoniously complements geometrical shapes of buildings – their naturally bent glass planes add a natural and sophisticated shape to the building construction.

Bent glass can be implemented to create light and functional interior design of partition walls, furniture elements, glass barriers and handrails as well as glazing of shower cabins.

Bent glass is resistant and safe, which is a result of tempering during glass production. The products are always produced based on individual orders, which requires reviewing of our technical production capacities. Glass without Float coating, with thermal insulation and sun control as well as tinted glass can all be subject to bending. PRESS GLASS also offers further lamination of bent glass. Thermal insulation and sun control coating applied to the glass as well as screen print and digital print are always placed on the concave side of bent glass.

Bent toughened glass