Inlägg av Gerard Plaze

A capitalist right down to the bone

The April edition of the monthly magazine’Swiat Szkla’’(The World of Glass) featured a detailed interview with the owner of Press-Glas company. Its contents fully present the history, the market position and ways of functioning with regard to the company.

Let’s not be economically ignorant.

The April edition of the monthly magazine’’Forum Branzowe’’ featured an interview with the owner of Pree-Glas company. The beginnings of the firm, the situation on the market between 2004-2005, as well as the future of the market sector are all topics which are referred to in the interview. We invite you to examine the details.

Budma 2005

Over the days of 25 – 28 January 2005 there was another edition of the Budma International Construction Fair in Poznan, Poland.