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Hala Koszyki – rivitalizzazione straordinaria con l’impiego dei vetrocamera

Unione straordinaria della storia di Varsavia e della modernità – in questo modo è possibile definire la Hala Koszyki, completamente ristrutturata negli ultimi anni, uno dei luoghi più straordinari sulla cartina della capitale della Polonia. Nella realizzazione di tale investimento sono stati impiegati complessivamente oltre 2 mila m² di vetrocamera di vario tipo di nostra […]

Supporto ai malati grazie alla Casa di Ronald McDonald

Già da oltre un anno a Cracovia-Prokocim (Polonia) è funzionante la Casa di Ronald McDonald. Si tratta di un hotel gratuito per i genitori dei bambini malati – pazienti dell’Ospedale Pediatrico Universitario. Supportando l’attività della fondazione responsabile per l’iniziativa, abbiamo fornito oltre 100 vetri di elevata qualità che sono stati utilizzati nella costruzione di un […]

Il nuovo sito anche in lingua croata

Il nuovo sito web disponibile all’indirizzo, ha un’altra versione linguistica. Adesso possono usufruirne nella lingua madre anche gli utenti dalla Croazia. Complessivamente ci sono a scelta già sette lingue diverse.

PRESS GLASS acquisisce due stabilimenti del gruppo Pilkington e i diritti al marchio Cervoglass™

PRESS GLASS SA informa che la società GLASS SYSTEMS GROUP ha acquisito in Gran Bretagna due stabilimenti del gruppo Pilkington, in cui sono prodotti i vetrocamera per il mercato immobiliare. L’incorporazione è stata formalmente eseguita tramite la società appositamente fondata denominata GLASS SYSTEMS North Limited, dipendente direttamente da PRESS GLASS UK Limited.

Grattacielo Q22, vale a dire innovazioni in vetro

Nel luglio 2016 nella capitale della Polonia è stato terminato un grattacielo per uffici. Q22 è un edificio torreggiante con facciate in vetro, realizzate con l’impiego di vetrocamera PRESS GLASS. Nella realizzazione sono stati impiegati complessivamente oltre 25 mila m² di vetrocamera di nostra produzione. La facciata è stata creata impiegando una tecnologia innovativa e […]

Versione russa del nuovo sito web

Il nuovo sito web attivo sotto il dominio, è già disponibile in 6 diverse versioni linguistiche. Nell’ultimo periodo abbiamo ampliato il sito con la versione russa. Nelle settimane successive avvieremo anche la versione in lingua croata.

Vitres pour un hôtel modulaire à Londres

L’anno scorso nella capitale della Gran Bretagna si è conclusa la costruzione del nuovo hotel della catena citizenM. L’opera, ubicata a Shoreditch Village si distingue non solamente grazie alle soluzioni architettoniche interessanti, ma anche grazie alla struttura stessa. L’Hotel fu costruito con alcune centinaia di moduli prefabbricati. Nell’investimento sono stati sfruttati in totale circa. 2,2 […]

Altre due versioni linguistiche del nuovo sito web

Negli ultimi giorni abbiamo avviato altre due versioni linguistiche del nostro nuovo sito web Adesso il sito è disponibile non solamente nelle versioni linguistiche inglese, polacca e tedesca, ma anche italiana e francese. Nelle settimane successive avvieremo anche il sito in lingua russa e croata.

New website also in German language version

We have just launched a German language version of our new website which is available under domain. Currently, our website is available in three language versions: English, Polish and German. Further language versions will appear in the following months.

Area Sales Representative (Southern Europe)

We believe that everything we do leads to development of our Employees and Business Partners. We build an organization, where people is the biggest asset. Our corporate culture lead us to became the European leader in glass processing for architecture. If you are looking for inspiring challenges, make the next step in your career and […]

10 new acoustic glazed units in our offer

10 new acoustic glazed units have been added to our offer. Now we are ready to provide our customers with as much as 98 various acoustic glazed units with Rw coefficient in the range of 31 to 52 dB. The following  glazed units have been added to our offer: Item Structure [mm] Rw [dB] C [dB] […]

Company Standard Update

The updated PRESS GLASS Company Standard is now available on our website. The document can be useful for anybody who expects to find and needs the latest information concerning European standards for glass in building.

New website also in Polish

Our new website functioning in the domain, is now also available in the Polish version. So far it has been available only in the English language version. More versions will be launched in the coming months.

New data in the solar control glass configurator

The solar control glass configurator that supports comparison and analysis of glass manufactured by us, has been updated and expanded with new information. The updated tool now also covers data concerning types of base glass and thermal insulating coatings.

Even bigger portfolio of acoustic glazed units

Continuously expanding portfolio is the calling card of PRESS GLASS brand. Now, we offer to our Customers two completely new designs of two-chamber glazed units, and one, already known design, with even better parameters. Our new glass units: No. Structure [mm] Rw [dB] C [dB] Ctr [dB] 1 10,8T (VSG 55.2T) Acoustic/16Ar/6/16Ar/8T 45 -2 -7 2 8,8T […]

Bent glass back to our range

In response to individual needs of our customers, we have introduced bent tempered glass in the range of our products. This product is mainly intended for manufacturers of window frames, façade windows and interior glazing.

Glazing of atrium in Triton Court, London

Recently, an unconventional and fully glazed atrium can be found in Triton Court, an object located in London (Great Britain) which constitutes a closed space connecting three different office buildings. For the purpose of this rather unusual investment we delivered in total 1.3 thousand m² of appropriately selected panes.

New website

We have launched a new website. The site functions in the domain, parallel to our old website ( Now the English version of the website is available. In the near future, other language versions will be launched.

Courthouse SW1 – project in the centre of London

Several years ago the building of the local court was closed in Westminster. Afterwards, the building was subjected to overall modernisation. Now Courthouse SW1 houses a complex of 129 luxury apartments; and the modernisation was made with panes of our production.

8 new types of acoustic glazed units in our offer

Seeing to individual needs of our Customers, we are expanding the offer of glazed units. Recently we have added 8 new types of glazed units to our catalogue, tested for acoustic insulation. As a result we have extended the list of panes for Rw parameters of: 35, 38, 39, 40 and 43 dB with new […]

Glazing of the One New Bailey building

In Salford (UK) works have been completed on a modern office complex of One New Bailey. The eight-storey building was developed with the application of 4500 m² of glass of our make. The glass façades provide the employees with comfort while ensuring reduced energy consumption by the building.

Panes for the Pharma Science Center in Copenhagen

The students of the University of Copenhagen have already been using the modern building which houses pharmaceutical laboratories for a few months. Panes with digital print made by us were used to build the Pharma Science Center located in the Danish capital.

Panes configurators – the new update facilitates selection of glazing

The panes configurators, which are available on our website and in the PRESS GLASS MOBILE application have been updated and improved. The tools facilitate a quick and easy comparison and analysis of data concerning different kinds of PRESS GLASS panes, including acoustic glass units and solar control glass. We have completed the tools facilitating selection […]

Here East complex – a new project in London

The International Broadcasting Centre was built in the eastern part of UK’s capital on the occasion of the Olympic Games held in London in 2012. The facility was completely reconstructed and the investment used 8.5 thousand m² of glass of our make. The works resulted in the development of Here East – a modern complex […]

CEKAL certificate for the facility in Croatia

CEKAL has issued a document to confirm the quality of panes coming from the facility in Varaždin (Croatia) and their compliance with the applicable French standards. This is another certificate supporting the competitive advantages of the buyers of our glazed units. We have been producing glass in the facility in Croatia for a few months […]

Video from the construction of the facility in Croatia

We started the construction of the facility in Varaždin (Croatia) in the second half of 2014. The investment was completed next year and the factory already produces glass. The construction of the facility in Croatia can be followed in a brief video made by us.

Expansion of the largest plant in Poland

Between 2014 and 2015, we greatly expanded our plant in Radomsko (Poland): the area of the production halls doubled. Currently, this plant is the largest plant of such a type in mainland Europe. We documented the expansion works in a special video. The area of the Radomsko plant is now as much as 63,000 sq. […]

A broader offer of acoustic glass units

The catalogue of acoustic glass units offered by us contains 78 types of glass. Recently we have expended our offer with glazed unit 8/20/10.8 (VSG 55.2) Argon with weighted sound reduction index (Rw) of 42 decibels (dB). The adjustment coefficients C and Ctr are -2 and -5 dB respectively. Acoustic properties of the new glazed […]

Another edition of the Career Programme

By the end of May interested persons may file applications to this year’s (13th) edition of the prestigious program of paid student training. It is another year that our company is involved in the Career Programme. We have developed three offers of various training programs. The Career Programme has been organised by the Polish Business […]