8 new types of acoustic glazed units in our offer

Seeing to individual needs of our Customers, we are expanding the offer of glazed units. Recently we have added 8 new types of glazed units to our catalogue, tested for acoustic insulation. As a result we have extended the list of panes for Rw parameters of: 35, 38, 39, 40 and 43 dB with new variants. Among the new items, there is a first glazed unit with acoustic insulation of 33 dB.

No. Structure [mm] Rw [dB] C [dB] Ctr [dB]
1 6/12Ar/6T 33 -1 -5
2 6,4 (VSG 33.1)/12Ar/6,4T (VSG 33.1T) 35 -2 -6
3 6T/12Ar/6/12Ar/6T 35 -2 -7
4 4T/12Ar/4/12Ar/6,4T (VSG 33.1T) 35 -1 -6
5 8,8 (VSG 44.2)/12Ar/8,8T (VSG 44.2T) 38 -2 -6
6 8,8T (VSG 44.2T)/12Ar/4/12Ar/8,8T (VSG 44.2T) 39 -3 -8
7 8,8T (VSG 44.2T)/12Ar/6/12Ar/8,8T (VSG 44.2T) 40 -3 -8
8 8T/12Ar/6/12Ar/10,8T (VSG 55.2T) 43 -2 -6

T –  Thermofloat (glass with a thermal insulating layer)
Ar –  Noble gas Argon

Acoustic properties for the above glazed units have been already confirmed with laboratory tests. The quality of our products has been confirmed for compliance with European standards EN and worldwide standards ISO as well as US standards ASTM.

Now the offer covers as many as 86 types of acoustic glazed units and the full list is available at our site.

Those who are interested in our offer are invited to use the acoustic glazed units configurator available at our site and in the mobile application PRESS GLASS MOBILE for iOS and Android.

Acoustic glazed units configurator