Another edition of the Career Programme

By the end of May interested persons may file applications to this year’s (13th) edition of the prestigious program of paid student training. It is another year that our company is involved in the Career Programme. We have developed three offers of various training programs.

The Career Programme has been organised by the Polish Business Roundtable for over a decade. For the current edition of the project we have prepared three training programs to be held in the following departments located in our Polish facilities: – procurement department (branch in Tychy); – financial department (branch in Tychy); – maintenance department (branch in Radomsko).

We accept applications both from students and graduates. All applicants have to be under 30 years of age. The persons involved in the Career Programme will assess it in terms of quality and suitability when they complete the training. Additionally, in previous years the paid training at PRESS GLASS was assessed as among the most valuable in the entire program.

“The training programs have been developed so that each trainee gets an opportunity to acquire specific skills in the area of their interest, confront the knowledge gained at universities with practical tests at work or verify if the profession they plan to pursue is the right on for them. Each training has its mentor who will provide support and knowledge to the trainees”, clarify the organisers of the project.

This year’s edition of the Career Programme began in mid-February and will last until the end of May.

Career Programme