New data in the solar control glass configurator

The solar control glass configurator that supports comparison and analysis of glass manufactured by us, has been updated and expanded with new information. The updated tool now also covers data concerning types of base glass and thermal insulating coatings.

With the configurator, comparison may be made of solar control glass on the basis of specific parameters. The tool supports a comparison analysis of selected glass types. An important aspect is that the configurator offers also additional functionalities, including e.g. an option to save the results in PDF format.

The updated version of the solar control glass configurator covers additional data relating to base glass types, used in internal and external glass and the names of thermal insulating coatings. The expanded detailed data provides users with more in-depth view of the specification of each type of glass.

The information is based on data provided by manufacturers of base glass concerning reference glass units with the structure of 4-16-4, 6-16-4 or 6-16-6. As a result, this is an objective data benchmark.

The solar control glass configurator may be used at our web site and also with the free application PRESS GLASS MOBILE (iOS and Android operating systems).

Solar control glass configurator