New acoustic glass units in our offer

7 new acoustic glass units have been added to our offer.  This means that our product range has been extended to include glass units with the following Rw parameters: 40, 41, 43, 45, 46 and 47 decibels (dB).


No. Structure [mm] Rw [dB] C [dB] Ctr [dB]
1 12,8 (VSG 66.2)/12Ar/6T 40 -1 -5
2 6T/12Ar/4/12Ar/8,8T (VSG 44.2T) 41 -3 -8
3 8,8 (VSG 44.2) Acoustic/12Ar/8,8T (VSG 44.2T) 43 -2 -6
4 12,8T (VSG 66.2T)/12Ar/6/12Ar/6T 43 -1 -6
5 8T/16Ar/6/16Ar/12,8T (VSG 66.2T) 45 -1 -5
6 8T/16Ar/6/16Ar/12,8T (VSG 66.2T) Acoustic 46 -2 -6
7 12,8 (VSG 66.2) Acoustic/16Ar/8,8T (VSG 44.2T) Acoustic 47 -2 -7

T –  Thermofloat (glass with thermal protection coating)
Ar – Argon – noble gas
VSG – Laminated safety glass

The results of tests presented above for new acoustic glass units are confirmed by certificates required and recognised on the European and American market.

We can now offer to our customers as many as 110 different acoustic glass units within the range of 31-52 dB.

Everybody interested in the offered products can use the acoustic configurator available on our website and in the PRESS GLASS MOBILE application for iOS and Android. The configurator contains a full list of acoustic glass units and helps to compare parameters and select the preferred glass unit.


Acoustic glazed units configurator

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