Hala Koszyki – exceptional revitalisation using glazed units

A unique combination of the history of Warsaw and modernity – this is the best description of Hala Koszyki, which has been thoroughly revitalised recently and is among the most amazing places on the map of the capital of Poland. The total of 2,000 m² of high quality glazed units manufactured by our company was used for the investment.

Hala Koszyki stands for over 100 years of history. Its initial form draws on Art Nouveau style. After 2012 the process of the structure renovation began and finally turned the facility into a unique social and culinary venue directly related to the history.

JEMS Architekci was responsible for modernisation of Hala Koszyki. In the revitalised structure each detail was deliberate and carefully developed. Natural colours were maintained while eye-catching details are elegant and draw on history. Glazing elements form an essential part of the facility – they were carefully selected to let the reflected sunlight add a unique character to the place.

We delivered the total of 2,000 carefully selected IGUs for the investment. The glass units produced in our plant for the whole Hala Koszyki complex, which also includes three office buildings, constitute over 80 per cent of all glazing.

The revitalised structure was officially opened in October 2016.

Detailed information about Hala Koszyki and its glazing is available in the fourth (special) issue of “Builder Exclusive”.

More photos of the building can be found here or on our Pinterest profile.