He became the sheriff in the City of Glass

The producer of double glazing glass that commands 25% market share has one of the most modern factories in Europe.

Press-Glas was founded at the beginning of 1991 as a Polish- Swedish joint venture in Wreczyca near Czestochowa. Soon after this, the sole owner became Mr. Arkadiusz Mus, who to this day reiterates that “ The most dangerous enemy is
your partner”. After two years the firm moved its headquarters to Nowa Wies and the 600m2 hall was converted to one which was three times bigger.
– “After my legal studies I became an apprentice to a prosecutor. There was neither money nor any specific satisfaction in this. As I observed what was happening around me in which my colleagues were seeking additional money in trading I said that I had enough. I dreamt of being the sheriff and not a clerk. This is what I have become in my own firm”-claims the boss of Press-Glas. Mr. Arkadiusz Mus reiterates the fact that the beginning of the nineties was an easy time to make money. Turnover spiralled to 200 million zlotys per annum. Nowadays, there is still growth to be seen, but it is not so dynamic. It amounts to approximately 20% in production and 10% in turnover.

Hard work.

In 2001, Press-Glas took over Celt-Tychy and in 2003 built a new factory in Tczew. In a matter of over 10 years the level of employment has risen from 9 people who worked in Wreczyca to almost 1000 in the three factories of Nowa Wies, Tychy and Tczew. The combined surface area of the production halls amounts to over 40,000m2. Approximately 3 million square metres of glass units are produced there every year. The enterprise is constantly expanding its product range. It has the most modern equipment for the production of glass for construction, as well as for furniture and domestic appliances at its disposal. Furthermore, the company offers a great variety of glass products that are made from tempered and coated glass. Great emphasis has been placed on quality management, which was shown with the awarding of the ISO 9001-2000 certificate in 1999.

A deserved rest.

The strategy of the firm gives great importance to workers.
– “ I try to create the situation whereby my workers can develop as well as myself. They should feel this in terms of financial aspects and satisfaction with their work. They must work hard, but they must also receive time and money for a rest”.- emphasizes the boss of Press- Glas. Mr. Arkadiusz Mu admits that his passion is golf. He even has his own golf course near Czêstochowa for playing this sport but as he claims- “ It is possible to take care of business during a game”.
“How big is the golf course?”
-“ A normal size. 80 hectares”- he says.

Interviewed by Mr. Jaroslaw Sobkowski.

Source: “ Puls Biznesu” 2 November 2005.