Production of environment-friendly panes

Production of environment-friendly panes

In panes production we remember about actions to protect the natural environment. This is confirmed e.g. with our participation in the ambitious project – “resources SAVED” which is aimed at protecting resources by recycling.

Environmental protection throughout the production process is a major point of reference for PRESS GLASS. We realize that care for mitigating adverse impact on the environment serves both the nature and people well. Therefore, for years we have been carrying out our production in compliance with the global environmental protection system (ISO 14001 standard).

The project – “resources SAVED” is fully compliant with the trend. As a result of recycling we have managed to recover a large part of materials, e.g. plastics, paper and wood. Only at the facility in Tczew (Poland) the resultant savings covered as much as 190 tons of resources within one year which means reduced greenhouse gas emissions by about 36 thousand kg.

The “resources SAVED” program operated by Interseroh is an appreciated initiative – this is confirmed e.g. with a distinction by the Responsible Business Forum. The project was identified as a practice worth recognition in the 13th issue of the report titled “Responsible business in Poland. Best practices”.