PRESS GLASS Supports Natural Environment

Social responsibility ranks high in our Company’s business strategy. Today, when making critical business decisions, Management strives to reduce environmental impact of our future activities to assure sustainable growth. We feel our employees should also take active part in protecting the environment. Customer satisfaction remains our primary concern when developing new products and technology; however the interests of other stakeholders, such as the local community and the people, should not be overlooked. PRESS GLASS’ plans take all these factors into account.
One step in this direction was eliminating harmful SF6 heavy gases in glazed units, even though they show excellent noise insulation properties, and replacing them with environmentally friendly designs which provide better thermal insulation and use less energy. It is a win-win situation benefiting both the customer who uses less heat energy and has more money left in his pocket and the environment because of lower energy demand and the application of environmentally friendly gases.

Our comprehensive efforts aimed at preserving the environment notwithstanding, PRESS GLASS continues searching for environmentally safe solutions. In order to streamline the work and make our pro-environment strategy more effective, PRESS GLASS decided to become ISO 14001 certified and implement an environment management system. Together with ISO 9001 management system in effect since 1999, it will assure the Company’s compliance with regulations currently in force and enhance its ability to counteract and prevent other sources of potential pollution.

Our employees, members of the local community, are fully committed to the Company’s efforts aimed at protecting the environment. By implementing ISO 14001 we will be able to supply better products to our customers and raise environmental awareness to the benefit of all of us.