“Polityka”, a top Polish political – economic magazine, includes Press-Glas in its break-through ranking.

“Polityka” says there are many reasons why the year 2006 constituted a break-through for both Poland and Europe:
  • “In 2006, we see a combination of good and very good factors. Practically all the regions of the world, including Europe, were developing at a more than average rate. […] Poland also benefited from the opportunities, a fact supported by the excellent export statistics for last year.”
  • “In 2006, domestic demand also posted a significant growth. With higher wages and increased borrowings, Polish people started spending more, and that is the most important fact for businesses.”
  • “The third major factor consisted in ever growing capital investment”.

As the magazine editor says, the ”Polityka Top 500” companies represent the cream of the Polish economy, and Press-Glas is proud to be a member of the elite.

See the ranking: POLITYKA 2006 TOP 500 (PDF 150Kb) »

No 2005 Ranking
Company Revenues
[th. zl]
[th. zl]
Gross Profit
[th. zl]
Net Profit
[th. zl]
493 Press-Glas SA 329 194 327 109 16 593 16 529 996

Source: “Polityka” 17/18 2007.