Glazing of a new student accommodation and office complex in London

In the near future, a modern student accommodation and office complex in the London district of Vauxhall will be officially opened. In the completion of this investment, consisting of two buildings, 10 thousand square meters of glass produced in Press Glass plants were used.

The location of the facility at 103 Miles Street is not accidental – this area is of an interest of students searching for accommodation if South London since the close proximity to local universities.

The design by TP Bennett architectural studio in the form of two asymmetrical towers perfectly emphasizes the variety of functions assigned to the complex and fits in with the current architectural trends. The higher, 37-storey tower has been fully dedicated to the Vega student residence, which offers 841 rooms, as well as a café with an open garden on the ground floor. The second tower is a 6-storey Miles Yard building providing approx. 2.8 thousand sq. meters of office space and an entertainment zone on the roof.

Importantly, the area has increased pedestrian space along Miles Street as new buildings will be set further back than the current building line. New green landscape elements introduced around the site will further enrich the local area.

The modern design of the complex is clearly emphasized by numerous glazing, including a glass facade. In the implementation of this project, a total of 10 thousand square meters from our factories were used in the glazing, including IGU’s with SunGuard SN 70/35, toughened and HST tested solar control glass, as well as safety (laminated) glass. The glass was delivered in cooperation with our partner – Dane Architectural Systems Holdings Limited.

The new complex at 103 Miles Street will be officially open in the next few months.

Photos: Dane Architectural Systems Holdings Limited