The summary of individual competitions in 2017 as part of “Run and support” campaign

This is already the second year of our individual efforts as part of “Run and support” campaign. 2017 will surely go down in history in terms of the number of sports events, in which PRESS GLASS employees took part. According to statistics, every weekend a PRESS GLASS employee stood on a start line and proudly represented the colours of the campaign. It’s time to summarise last year’s individual sports competitions!

2017 was fruitful – our employees were the heroes of more than 140 different sports events in 75 Polish cities. This year, there was also the first individual start outside Poland as part of half marathon in Budapest. Among the most popular sports events there were the ones, which promoted Poland’s history and regions, as well as running events promoting health, charitable activities and recreational running. There were various running distances – the shortest one was 1.6 kilometres and the longest one 145 kilometres!

Our employees showed their fortitude, endurance and muscular strength. The longest distance, above-mentioned 145 kilometres, was covered by our long-distance runner – Przemysław Porada.  We bow our heads before other participants of “Run and support” group, who, last year, ran their first half marathons, marathons and set personal records.

Our runners showed fortitude also by participating in night forest run with ghost (7th of July, Żarki), tracking wolves (26th of February, Kłobuck), looking for deer (19th of November, Tychy) and boars (10th of December, Panewniki), running in harsh conditions among swamps (15th of August, Lubliniec) and participating in mountain marathons (4th of November, the Beskids). Many of you represented the colours of “Run and support” campaign a dozen or even several dozen times. Last year, Grzegorz Kruk, a record-breaker, finished 36 different running competitions.

We are glad that new faces appeared in our team. New colleagues in our group bravely take their first steps in running competitions, walk/runs, Nordic walking competitions and cycling.

Together, we ran more than 4300 kilometres in total and in this way we raised a substantial sum of money – 21600 PLN. As requested by individual employees who participated in the campaign, some of the money was donated to persons who were chosen by them, for example to Amelka Wróblewska, Gabriela Nowak, Maksymilian Czyjt, Franek Szewczyk, Alicja Wiśniowska, Magdalena Biegańska and Klara Kozok.

The remaining funds were donated to organisations, which have their headquarters nearby our plants. We supported “Koniczynka” Association of Families and Guardians of the Handicapped from Radomsko, “Świetlikowo” Hospice from Tychy, Complex of Special Facilities from Tczew and “Mozaika” Foundation from Częstochowa.

We hope that 2018 will be equally fruitful in terms of the number of individual starts, kilometres covered and money donated to charitable purposes. We keep our fingers crossed for your future starts and individual successes.


Run and support