Galeria Malta in POZNAN

The glass facade of Malta Gallery is one of the most interesting commercial building designs executed in Poland. The main facade faces Lake Malta; it features one thousand five hundred glass panes. The unique, screen print patterned panes, produced by the Press-Glas Branch at Tychy are (bolt fixed) point secured.

  • Built: 2008-2009
  • Glass used: Float ESG 10 mm with screen printing, Cool-Lite SKN 174 6.8 mm ESG HST
  • Cool-Lite SKN 165 10mm ESG HST
  • For the requirements of Malta Gallery 280 individual screen prints were produced
  • Glazed area: 8000 m2
  • Facade contractor: Opal Grodzisk
  • Facade system applied: MB-SR 50 Efekt, MB-SR 50 as well as so called “double skinned”
  • Architect: Ewa i Stanislaw Sipinscy