Sport and Support: Summary of Individual Competitions in 2019

This is the fourth year of our individual struggles as a part of the “Sport and Support” campaign and yet another record-breaking year in terms of the number of runs and the amount of raised money. In 2019, we recorded 340 different race events, which were attended by as many as 95 employees of PRESS GLASS. Participants of the campaign raised for charity nearly PLN 39 thousand.

The most popular sporting events are themed events: events promoting historical events and famous characters. Cyclic short-distance “parkruns” were also increasingly popular. The running distances were varied – the shortest distance is 2 km and the longest is 150 km!

Grzegorz Kruk – one of the most active participants of the campaign – covered the longest distance in one run, the above-mentioned 150 km. Last year, he took part in 69 individual runs, in which he covered the distance of 1083.2 km!

The group of long-distance runners, who covered a record-breaking distance in one run, also included: Marcin Zubert (130 km), Andrzej Potoczek (100 km) and Adam Johna (80 km).

The record holders in individual runs include also:

No. Surname and first name Distance covered [km] Number of runs
1 Kruk Grzegorz 1083.2 69
2 Potoczek Andrzej 781.6 37
3 Zimny Sebastian 444.8 54
4 Derlaga Kamil 366.5 36
5 Zubert Marcin 274 5
6 Johna Adam 255.8 5
7 Zabrocki Łukasz 173.1 26
8 Maciejewski Michał 168.5 15
9 Niestrój Sławomir 160.5 11
10 Zogrodnik Andrzej 157.9 8

Tczew was the most popular city in which the participants of the campaign represented the campaign – 21 employees ran here 225 times throughout the year!

We also pay respect to other members of the “Sport and support” group, who in the past year won their first half marathons, marathons and set their life records.

We are glad that new faces have also appeared in our team. Compared to the annual statistics from 2018 (55 people), 40 employees more started individually in the campaign in 2019!

Together, we ran over 7845 km, which translated into a substantial amount of PLN 38,886.5. In accordance with the individual requests of employees participating in the campaign, a part of the money was transferred to the persons/branches selected by them.

We transferred the remaining funds to the charges of facilities located in the vicinity of our plants. We supported the “Koniczynka” Association of Parents and Carers of the Disabled from Radomsko, the “Świetlikowo” Hospice from Tychy, the Special Facilities Complex from Tczew and the “Dar Serca” Hospice from Częstochowa as well as the “Serduszko” Association for Disabled Children from Nowogard.

We hope that the year 2020 will be equally fruitful in terms of the number of individual runs, kilometres covered, and money donated to charity. We keep our fingers crossed for your next runs and individual successes.

Sport and support