Golf Academy for architects

On Saturday, 9th October 2010 at Rosa Private Golf Club the First International Golf Championschip of Architects in Poland and a Golf Academy for Architects was organised. Press-Glas was a partner of this event.


The winner of the brutto category in the tournament was Piotr Person and the netto category champion was Wojciech Kurkiewicz. Detailed results are available at

The winner of putting contests during the golf academy was Marek Mirski, second place belongs to Lukasz Oblinski and the third to Marcin Susul.

Golf Academy for architects was a joined initiative of Press-Glas company and Rosa Private Golf Club.

Golf Club was visited by almost 100 people which was the maximum number of visitors we could invite. Unfortunately 7 days before the event we could not confirm the attendance of those people, who have sent the entry forms during those days. We hope we will have the chance to meet at Rosa golf club some other day.

The golf championship as well as the golf academy will definitely enter into the tradition of golf tournaments. Golf academy was a great chance for the participants to spend a great day and become familiar with our new product – Premium ESG glass.

Press-Glas company in May 2010 introduced a new type of glass: PREMIUM TOUGHENED GLASS free of the inevitable disadvantage of a toughened glass which is the distortion called ’roller waves’ formed during relocation of glass by the rolls used during hardening in the furnace.
In case of buildings with a considerable glass surface, the aesthetical aspect depends to a certain degree on the effect of distortion the image reflected in fasades.
The implementation of PREMIUM ESG glass allows to avoid the visible distortion of the reflected image and achieve better visual effect, which is a essential element of every project for architects as well as for investors.

Honourable Patronage                 Press Auspices



Reportage from the event: Maciej Kuroń – Fot. niezależny, Marek Kędzior-Murator S.A. oraz Archiwum ROSA PGC