PRESS GLASS SA headquarters with A’Design Award 2021

Our headquarters has been again appreciated by the experts. We are pleased to announce that the office building in Konopiska received the prestigious Gold A’Design Award 2021 in the Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award 2020 – 2021 category. What we are especially proud of is the fact that the organisers of this international competition recognised the PRESS GLASS headquarters as one of those places which, thanks to a good design, make the world a better place.

A’Design Award & Competition is one of the largest competitions in the world, in which awards are granted for example for the best design, concepts and products.

In this year’s edition, among those awarded in the « Architecture, Building and Structure Design » category, the headquarters of PRESS GLASS SA in Konopiska were listed – a design created by the Polish architectural Konior Studio.

The jury of the competition, consisting of journalists, designers, scientists and entrepreneurs, recognised the building in Konopiska as an example that a good design makes the world a better place, and that such projects help people enjoy a more pleasant life. This is one of the elements that were very important to us when creating a new seat for PRESS GLASS SA.

The design prepared by Konior Studio was based on the vision of creating a modern and dynamic building on a green plateau. This form was to reflect the nature of our company, and the location itself provides employees with greater contact with nature.

More information on the award can be found here.

Photo: Nate Cook Photography