39th Marathon in Valencia with the participation of “Sport and support” team

On the 1st of December 2019 a 16-person “Sport and Support” team, under coordinator’s supervision, took part in the biggest sports event in this part of Europe – 39th Valencia Marathon in Spain. Participants raised 3376 PLN and the money was donated to the “Dar Serca” Hospice in Częstochowa (Poland).

In this year’s marathon in Valencia there took part 21000 runners from around the world and among them the 16-person “Sport and Support” team. Participation in the 39th Valencia Marathon is the capstone of the 5 years of “Sport and Support” campaign in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – in the city of runners. It was the first marathon as a part of joint running. Our representatives were well prepared, determined and focused on individual sports successes – and it was a successful run.

Among men Michał Maciejewski (time 3h 4min 27sec), Andrzej Potoczek (time 3h 4min 27sec) and Jacek Piętak (time 3h 8min 41sec) reached the finish line first. It is also worth mentioning that among 16 representatives there was also a lady – Justyna Barczyk-Strama, who reached the finish line in 4h 2min 41sec.

To accompany marathon’s participants in their trip to Valencia and during sports struggle, a special event was created as a part of “Sport and Support” fanpage on Facebook (link). Thanks to this we could follow our colleagues’ travel impressions on an ongoing basis and support them during sports struggle.

Participation in the Marathon in Valencia will surely remain in the memory of our representatives for a long time. We are glad that we had the chance to be the part of such a unique sports event, which gathers thousands of runners from around the world at the starting line.



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