Double award for the PRESS GLASS SA headquarters

We are pleased to announce that the headquarters of PRESS GLASS SA in Konopiska (Poland) has been awarded in two votes in the Polish Architecture XXL 2020 Plebiscite.

The results of the 13th edition of the plebiscite organised by the Art of Architecture Group were announced on May 21 during an online gala event. In the “Cubature” category, the headquarters of PRESS GLASS SA was the highest rated project among public facilities. The office building won both votes – carried out among Internet users and among the experts. The jury was composed of renowned architects, including winners of the plebiscite from previous years. Experts appreciated the lightweight form of the building blending in with the surrounding landscape.

The design concept of the building was created by Konior Studio – one of leading Polish architectural studios.

The headquarters of companies are usually established in city centers close to important transport junctions. The natural landscape and the wide horizon perspective are rather not associated with office buildings. The investor’s ambition was to create a modern headquarters on a green plateau, which would express the dynamic nature of the company and, at the same time, provide employees with contact with nature” – Konior Studio points out.

Photo: Nate Cook Photography