Chmielna 89 - Crystal in the centre of Warsaw

Chmielna 89 – Crystal in the centre of Warsaw

The landscape of Warsaw’s business district has been enriched with a new fully glazed office building at 89 Chmielna Street. Its unconventional shape resembling cut crystal introduces architectural freshness to this part of the capital city. The modernity of the building has been emphasized by the applied ecological and energy-saving technological solutions that translate into the comfort of its use. This is certainly one of the most original buildings that proudly presents our façade glass panes.

Designed by the Epstein architectural firm, the Chmielna 89 office building looks different from each side, which further emphasizes the playful form and its original shape.

“Chmielna 89 – an office building with a characteristic acute angle shape, resembling a crystal – with its eastern façade having a negative angle of inclination, its façade elements giving the impression of regular rectangles being in fact parallelograms, surprised even the designers themselves”

says Joanna Kotula / Construction Manager / RECONAL Ltd.

The 14-storey Chmielna 89 office building with a high quality of workmanship and finish is over 25,000 sqm of high-standard workspace.

“The largest area of green terraces in Warsaw, gently descending in a cascade towards Chmielna Street – this is the charm of the northern elevation. The southern elevation: an unusual communication along the entire height between the proper façade and the “second skin” gives the impression of a mysterious openwork. A particular challenge was the installation of glass units on the sloping wall with the use of specially designed balcony scaffolding”

adds Joanna Kotula.

For the needs of the glazed façade, Press Glass supplied nearly 10,000 sqm of glass units with highly selective SunGuard SN 51/28 HT solar control glass panes. This double silver coated solar control glass with significantly reduced internal reflection has a low total solar energy transmittance factor while maintaining a neutral appearance and satisfactory transparency.

In order to maintain the highest aesthetic standards, the entire façade was made in a semi-structural system with a rare solution containing a continuous mounting channel. The façade glass panes have been combined using latest silicone masses resistant to UV rays and unfriendly weather conditions, giving us an unparalleled visual effect as well as a guarantee of safety when using the facility.

The Chmielna 89 office building in Warsaw, developed by Cavatina Holding, received the Breeam certificate at the Excellent level. The energy-saving and ecological solutions used in it ensure environment- and user-friendly working conditions. In addition, the building is in a great location, which was appreciated in the Breeam certification process – the facility scored 100% in the “Transport” category.

The Chmielna 89 project also received very good marks in the “Health & Wellbeing” category thanks to the introduction of solutions that have a positive impact on the health and well-being of office employees, including relaxation zones on green terraces and excellent access to daylight.

In the immediate vicinity of Chmielna 89 there are other office buildings, including one of the first reference projects of Press Glass – Warta Tower with a blue shade reflective Cool Lite glass. Even though at first glance we see two different blocks, these two adjacent buildings perfectly harmonize with each other. Besides enriching the landscape, Chmielna 89 fitted perfectly with the existing buildings in this part of Warsaw.

The Chmielna 89 building has received many awards, including Best Office Development in Poland 2018-2019, Best Office Development in Europe 2018-2019 and Best International Office Development 2018-2019.