CAB: PRESS GLASS’s quick deliveries appreciated

Window manufactures operating in Poland consider PRESS GLASS as the best glass supplier as regards timely deliveries – this is the result of the latest Centre for Sectoral Analyses (CAB), quoted by – portal describing the window and door manufacturing sector.

Results of the poll by CAB confirm that timely deliveries are among the major criteria when assessing cooperation with window manufacturers and suppliers. Over 60% of polled manufacturers selected Time of delivery as the key criterion considered when selecting quotation.

Polled window manufacturers assessed also individual glass suppliers. As it turned out, the glass supplier with shortest delivery period is PRESS GLASS – the company received the score of 4.7 pts. (in 1 to 5 scale).

Centre for Sectoral Analyses (CAB) is Polish market research agency specialising in research of window and door manufacturing sector in Poland and other European countries.