10th Race of Częstochowa with a participation of an honorary guest

On 7 April 2018, a huge group of 75 employees of PRESS GLASS from Poland and Croatia took part in the 10th Race of Częstochowa within the “We run and support” action. The amount of over PLN 8,000 they gained by running will be spent for those under the care of centres in the towns where PRESS GLASS plants are situated.

PRESS GLASS will donate PLN 89 for charity for every team member who managed to finish the race. Similarly to previous years, additional bonuses will be donated for charity as a reward for the runners’ results. Summing up, the Polish-Croatian PRESS GLASS team managed to “run” the total amount of  PLN 8154.

In accordance with the decision of the participants, the money gained by running will be spent for those under the care of the following centres:

– Częstochowa – Mozaika Foundation;

– Radomsko – Przyjazna Planeta Foundation;

– Tczew – Complex of Special Centres in Tczew;

– Tychy – The St Calixtus I Social Hospice Association.

After the race, during a formal gala, the action organisers made an official summary of the results of PRESS GLASS employees running individually in 2017. Małgorzata Rydz, a renowned winner of many medals, a Polish athlete and medium-distance running specialist, was the honorary guest of the event.

“I am impressed by the scale of your initiative. I didn’t know that PRESS GLASS employees from different towns in Poland and Croatia took part in the “We run and support” action. I feel great in your company. I feel like a member of your family”, said  Małgorzata Rydz.

The awards were granted during the gala to the most involved participants of the action in 2017, in two categories: the number of kilometres covered and number of events the runners participated in. Małgorzata Rydz awarded the winners formally.

The organisers summarised the event in the following way:

“We are very happy to see that the “We run and support” action has been gradually gaining popularity among employees. We hope that next year, during 11th Race of Częstochowa, the number of participants will be even higher.  At that time we will celebrate the 5th anniversary of the official beginning of the action”.



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