10 new acoustic glazed units in our offer

10 new acoustic glazed units have been added to our offer. Now we are ready to provide our customers with as much as 98 various acoustic glazed units with Rw coefficient in the range of 31 to 52 dB.

The following  glazed units have been added to our offer:

ItemStructure [mm]Rw [dB]C [dB]Ctr [dB]
312,8 (VSG 66.2) Acoustic40-1-3
46T/12Ar/6/12Ar/8,8T (VSG 44.2T)40-2-7
56T/12Ar/6/12Ar/8,8T (VSG 44.2T) Acoustic41-3-8
616,8 (VSG 88.2) Acoustic42 0-3
710/14Ar/16,8T (VSG 88.2T)43-2-4
86T/12Ar/6/12Ar/10,8T (VSG 55.2T)43-2-7
912,8 (VSG 66.2)/12Ar/8,8T (VSG 44.2T)43-2-6
108T/12Ar/8/12Ar/10,8T (VSG 55.2T)44-3-7

T – Thermofloat (glass with a thermal insulating layer)

Ar – Argon, noble gas

Our offer of acoustic glazed units keeps expanding with new additions, due to increased demand of our customers for glazed units with specific acoustic parameters. In order to ensure highest quality standards, all products added to our offer undergo special tests. Presented results of tests on new acoustic glazed units are confirmed by certificates required and recognized in European and American markets.

For details of individual types of acoustic glazed units see the acoustic glazed units configurator available  on our website.

Acoustic glazed units configurator

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