Summary of individual competitions in August/September 2016 for the “Run and support» action

The “Run and support” action enjoys an increasing interest of PRESS GLASS employees. We run and support as a group in cities where our production plants are located. We run or ride bikes individually during sports events organized by local institutions. And the most important thing is, of course, that we offer financial support to those in need.
Let us sum up the August and September individual competitions of PRESSS GLASS employees.

During these two months, 15 employees represented the RUN AND SUPPORT action in individual competitions in 11 different sports events organized in the south-western and central part of Poland.

Employees were covering different distances during the runs: from 5 to 50 km. The longest distance, i.e. 50 km, was covered during the Ultra Kamieńsk 2016 run and at the Marathon around the Zalew Sulejowski.

The competition at the 21st International Street Run in Jaworzno where 5 PRESS GLASS employees covered the distance of 15 km enjoyed the greatest interest.

One of the most difficult competitions due to the obstacle course was the Bieg Katorżnika in Lubliniec that covered 13.5 km. Two PRESS GLASS employees participated in it.
In these two months, PRESS GLASS employees covered more than 370 km in total, raising PLN 1075.

From the beginning of the year to the end of September, PRESS GLASS employees have raised PLN 3075 by running. Employees have participated in 28 runs in 23 towns of Poland since April this year and the total distance covered in individual competitions exceeded 1000 km.


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