On September 8 this year one of the tallest wooden buildings in the world, Sara kulturhus, will be officially opened in the Swedish city of Skellefteå. It will be a new cultural centre in the region. One of the key roles in this project plays glazing that gives the building a unique style. In the construction of this impressive building, glass panes produced in our factories with the appropriate characteristics were used.

Sara kulturhus strongly resembles the local tradition of constructing wooden buildings. At the same time, it is also an artistic tribute to Sarah Lidman – writer from the region. This 20-story building is made of wood from the forests surrounding Skellefteå. The assumption to build a «climate friendly house» was achieved by using tomorrow’s technologies, including an integrated energy optimization system (solar panels, batteries and heat pumps).

Responsible for the design were the architects from the Swedish studio White Arkitekter. The glazed façade of Sara kulturhus reflects the colours of the sky while revealing the structure of the building and the wooden ceiling. The entire project has been adapted to the relatively difficult weather conditions prevailing in this region. At the same time, thanks to the use of, among others, facade glazing, the facility provides high thermal comfort. The nature-friendly nature of the centre is additionally emphasized by the greenery located on the roof.

In the process of glazing of this unique building, a total of 800 m2 of glass panes of our production were used, including triple glazing with a construction of 6 / 16Ar / 4/16 / 8.76T (VSG 44.2T). These units are characterized by the use of hardened and HST tested Sunguard SNX 60 HT solar control glass. On the inside, safe VSG glass with a low-emission coating was used. Our glass panes were delivered in cooperation with Lignas Timber Systems.

According to the assumptions, Sara kulturhus will be a place where concerts, shows, meetings and congresses can be organized. The official opening of Sara kulturhus is scheduled for September 8, 2021.

Photos by Lignas company, the full-service contractor for wooden building frame with own façades production. Part of the KGC Group.