Run and Support: In Tychy we run for Milosz

On 4th September 2016 we participated in two runs organised by Municipal Centre of Sport and Recreation in Tychy (Poland).

Eight of our employees participated in the 5th Half-Marathon Race in Tychy while six of our employees participated in the 21st International Street Race in Tychy. Despite the hot weather, we all reached the finish line and the money we acquired in the amount of PLN 1540 we donated for the treatment of Milosz Kleinschmidt of Tychy, suffering from hemihyperplasia. Thus we supported the initiative of the organiser of the runs who donated 10% of all entry fees for Milosz that was paid by all participants in the above runs.

The start in the runs in Tychy we find as successful as we also won the first position in the category of Work Establishments.

We thank all participants in the competition a lot!

Run and support